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My boyfriend trying to get head (via perverted—princess)


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A blowjob isn’t given with your mouth, it’s given with your heart



Cool Jesus at Chicago pride

I’m still laughing at that police officer he’s all like, “God bless you go Jesus”

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Sex workers are human beings…. from cam models to strippers to porn stars. It may not be your cup o’ tea (mmm, tea), but it doesn’t give you the right to disrespect or shame them. 

Reblogging this again because people think that just because someone is a sex worker, means that they are not intelligent, can’t have normal lives, and treat them like complete shit.

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so when i was 8 i was in an episode of iCarly and even though i’m 16 now and i have a pixie cut my friends still tell everyone that i was in iCarly.






i pushed another child off a bench and stole her sandwich this is my legacy

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5:00 p.m. (Please don’t ever think of me as a mistake)

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I hope
you never
regret me.

Danielle LaPorte   

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Consider that you radiate. At all times. Consider that what you’re feeling right now is rippling outward into a field of is-ness that anyone can dip their oar into. You are felt. You are heard. You are seen. If you were not here, the world would be different. Because of your presence, the universe is expanding.


imagine how much power you’d have if you woke up with a clear face and perfect hair every day

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